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SAFER Maine is online!

SAFER Maine, the Statewide Access to Firearms Education and Resources project, is now online.SAFER is a free online resource which provides a Basic Handgun Safety and Introduction to Concealed Carry distance learning course, perfect for those who want to take advantage of Maine's new Constitutional Carry law, which goes into effect October 15, 2015.


Constitutional Carry is Now the Law in Maine

October 15th is the day most laws enacted in the past session of the Legislature go into effect, including Constitutional Carry, or Permitless Carry.  Watch our interview with Jon James on Moose 92, and get the facts. If you want to take advantage of the new law, sign up for our absolutely free online SAFER Basic Handgun Safety and Introduction to Concealed Carry course.

2015 Defensive Priority:
Ban on Private Gun Transfers

Background Check MythsIn November 2014, the citizens of the State of Washington voted to approve a referendum backed by the Michael Bloomberg-funded anti-gun organization Everytown for Gun Safety.  This initiative, called I-594, effectively bans the private transfer of a firearm, from private sales to gifts to family members, to temporary transfers, such as allowing a friend to try your gun, or even allowing someone to hold your gun for a moment.  Instead, you would be required to go to a licensed dealer and pay him to conduct a background check and record the transfer.

The Bloomberg campaign has vowed to bring the same sort of law to Maine,  using our Citizen Initiative mechanism, bypassing the Legislature. On Monday, Augusta 24, 2015, they filed an application with the Secretary of State to do just that. They intend to use millions of dollars from out-of-state billionaires to buy a place on our ballot for this law (PDF).

This is no idle threat. The Washington initiative passed due, in large part, to misinformation and lies by the anti-gun forces, and ignorance on the part of the general public.  And Everytown for Gun Safety has staff based right here in Maine to run their campaign and duplicate their success in Washington.

In short, we must defeat this attack, and we must defeat it before if gets on the ballot.  If it succeeds, it will be the most sweeping infringement on gun rights in Maine history. And worse, the only way that this law can be enforced is through the creation of a firearm registry, which will be the next step.

Gun Owners of Maine considers this the most pressing threat to our gun rights in the upcoming year, and we are absolutely committed to stopping it.  But we will need the help of every gun owner to do so.  We urge you to join our Facebook group or our web forums to keep informed on the progress of this extremely dangerous initiative.  And please consider becoming a supporting member of Gun Owners of Maine. Your commitment, demonstrated with a paying membership, will go a long way in helping fend off this looming threat.

Please join now, and help us defend the rights of all.  Join online at http://www.gunownersofmaine.org/join .

Stay Informed!

Join our Facebook group or our forums for news, information, and discussions of gun rights and general gun talk. It's the best place to keep up-to-date on news, issues, events and developments that affect your gun rights. 

Our mission is to keep our members informed regarding potential changes to Maine law and threats to our rights. We aim to  ensure that Maine's Second Amendment community is up to date and educated when it comes to rights as a Maine citizen. 

Our community is comprised Federal Firearms Licensed individuals, training instructors, armorers, law enforcement individuals, attorneys, doctors, students, mothers and fathers who are passionate about understanding and expressing our constitutional rights. 

  Join us and add your voice to ours. Our voice grows stronger with every new member! As a community we can ensure that our rights shall not be infringed! 

He's From the Government, & He's Here to Help:
State Rep. Proposes Requiring Licenses for Gun Owners & Users

Maine Representative Mick Devin of Newcastle is proposing an emergency bill to be introduced into the next session of the Maine Legislature which would require all gun owners and all gun users to obtain a government-issued certificate, contingent upon state-mandated and state-approved training and well as payment of a fee.  A database of all gun owners and gun users would be established, and gun owners and gun users would be required to produce their certification upon demand from "appropriate authorities".

Rep. Devin says this is necessary to improve gun safety, even though fatal firearms accidents have been declining since the 1930's, and account for only about 0.6% of accidental deaths.

Here's Rep. Devin's vision for Mainers: An Act to Improve Firearm Safety in Maine.

If you are one of Rep. Devin's consituents (District 90 - Bremen, Bristol, Damariscotta, Newcastle, Nobleboro, South Bristol and Monhegan Plantation, plus the unorganized territory of Louds Island), please let him know that your answer is not just "No", but "Hell, No!". You can contact him via the information below:

Cell Phone: (207) 975-3132
Business Telephone: (207) 563-8350
E-Mail: Michael.Devin@legislature.maine.gov

2015 Legislative Priority: Constitutional Carry


Governor Paul LePage signed Senator Eric Brakey's LD 652, Maine's Constitutional Carry bill, into law in a private signing ceremony in the Cabinet Room in the State House on Wednesday, July 8, 2015.  Representing Gun Owners of Maine at the ceremony were Shane Belanger, Todd Tolhurst, and Jeff Zimba.

Constitutional Carry, which is already the law in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Wyoming and our New England neighbor Vermont, eliminates the need to obtain a Concealed Handgun Permit. Mainers could already openly carry handguns without the need for a government-issued permit, but to wear a shirt or a coat covering the gun requires training, background checks and fees.

The new law will take effect October 15, 2015. The Maine State Police have a summary of how the new law affects you here.

Passing Constitutional Carry bill is the culmination of a highly successful legislative session for Gun Owners of Maine, which also included:

  • Limits on out-of-state organizations placing measures on Maine's ballot (LD 176)

  • Repeal of the 1950s-era ban on automatic knives (LD 264)

  • Suppressor hunting is now legal (LD 942)

  • Chief Law Enforcement Officers may not refuse to sign NFA certifications (LD 942)

  • Increased recognition of Maine's Concealed Handgun Permit (LD 868)

  • Defeat of a backdoor universal background check bill (LD 415)

Mission Statement:

Gun Owners of Maine is an all-volunteer, grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and promoting the gun rights of Mainers, and we are the only Maine organization focused on this issue alone.  We monitor developments affecting gun owners on both the State and Federal levels, tracking bills in the Legislature and the Congress, and act as a watchdog on governmental agencies.

Gun Owners of Maine tracks, analyzes and reports on issues of importance to gun owners, identifying and getting the word out to gun owners on threats to, and opportunities for our gun rights.

We believe that gun rights are fundamental to a free people, and it is our mission to preserve and extend them.  The threats to our rights from anti-gun politicians and activists are constant; every year, new bills are introduced in the Legislature and the Congress which would hack away at our rights.  Gun Owners of Maine opposes these threats through grassroots action, providing information, analysis and action plans to gun owners, to make their political might felt in Augusta and in Washington.

Please join us, to make our voice louder.  Join our Facebook group or our web forums to keep abreast of current anti-gun threats as well as pro-gun opportunities.  If you can, please seriously consider becoming a supporting member of Gun Owners of Maine with a paid membership.  As a paying member, you not only support our mission financially, but you send a clear message to politicians that you are a serious and committed member of the gun rights community.  The larger our member base, the more respect we command with elected officials.  

Memberships start at $20/year, or about 5 cents a day. That’s a small price to help preserve a priceless right. Please join today.

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